think ING., German initiative for future engineers

Launched in 1998 by the Federation of German Employers' Associations in the Metal and Electrical Engineering Industries, think ING. is Germany’s leading initiative providing extensive information on the wide topic of engineering.

think ING. offers students of all ages more than just facts and figures around becoming an engineer: through diverse portraits of young engineers and scientists and reports about companies and universities the information platform and our magazines allow an authentic insight into studying engineering and working as an engineer. It shows how engineers of all disciplines shape our future in their own way and aims at provoking the students’ curiosity.

Students get to know the variety of disciplines and possible fields of study and work through several think ING. tools, e.g.

• “Are you ready to become an engineer?” – Testing your knowledge

• “Which study field suits your abilities and interests the most?” – Analysing your interests

After the registration within our so-called “think ING. network”, students have the great opportunity to communicate with all members and institutions – perhaps even their future employers or colleagues. In addition, they find internships, combined study programmes, trainee programmes, mentoring programmes, open days etc., supporting them on their own career path. A special map helps them to find interesting employers around their favourite city.

The activities of think ING. are also directed at teachers and educators, who are provided with a wide range of free information material. think ING. supports them in encouraging students, undergraduates and graduates in pursuing careers in engineering. Moreover, think ING. promotes and supports educational projects focusing on science and technology on a large scale, like Science on Stage Europe, the MINT-EC network of excellent secondary schools and the RoboCup.

Fotos: Jugendliche mit Laptop © sturti/, Teenagerjunge mit Tablet © Juanmonino /, Finger mit Tablet © TommiL/


think ING.
Die Initiative für Ingenieurnachwuchs
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