IAV – What we develop, moves you

IAV is one of the leading engineering partners in the automotive industry,
successfully making technical innovations ready for SOP for more than 30 years

Even if it is not visible, technology by IAV can be found in nearly every vehicle. For years, the company’s customer base has included nearly all automotive manufacturers and their system suppliers. Founded in 1983 as a spin-off from the University of Technology in Berlin, IAV is one of the world’s leading engineering service providers, with a workforce of more than 7,000 employees. In addition to the headquarters in Berlin, the company has other operations in Germany, Europe and Asia, as well as North and South America. Expertise for the whole vehicle on a one-stop shop basis is only available from IAV. The company is active in all areas of automotive engineering, offering a wide range of expertise particularly in the fields of powertrain and vehicle development. Needless to say, this includes topics such as digital transformation, big data and services, e-mobility, connected autonomous driving, and mobility concepts for the future. The vehicle is developing more and more into a „rolling device“, communicating with its infrastructure, sending, receiving and processing data, and with this creating a completely new mobility experience with a wide range of new services. They communicate with their infrastructure, send, receive and process data and thus permit a completely new mobility experience with a wide range of new services. IAV is working intensively in these areas, „collaborating“ with partners from the IT industry.

The IAV engineers are experts across the whole spectrum of powertrain development. They can develop complete engines and transmission systems and are specialists for injection systems, new combustion methods and after-treatment of exhaust gases. Electronics, vehicle safety and lightweight design round out IAV’s vehicle engineering portfolio. IAV is familiar with the demands of both the passenger car and the commercial vehicle markets. Proprietary developments of components, procedures and tools guarantee IAV engineers their position as leaders of innovation. The company also has its own advanced engineering activities, working on an interdisciplinary basis in cooperation with universities and research institutes. As a leading engineering partner, the company supports its customers in all phases of the development process – from the initial idea via simulation, prototyping, component testing and test bench investigations all the way through to road trials and further activities beyond the start of production. The company always deploys state of the art methods, first-class technical equipment and, above all, highly motivated staff. In brief: What IAV develops, moves you.


Carnotstrasse 1
10587 BERLIN
Phone: +49 30 39978-0